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Kitchen Remodeling

At Valley Fabricators, we use our 14 years of experience to deliver your dream kitchen quickly and to spec. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction, every time. Our expertise stems from our specialization – we work only in stone and tile, and know our materials inside out. That means we can offer production and delivery times of just 2-3 weeks, and our installations come with a 1 year warranty.

One of the biggest considerations in kitchen remodeling is your choice of stone. Color will be a factor here, with many choosing shades complementary to their appliances, flooring or cabinet finishes. And while everyone has their personal preferences, there are pros and cons for each stone in our range:



This natural stone is formed from cooling magma in the earth’s crust and is effectively heat proof. Hot pans full of boiling water won’t make an ounce of difference to a granite worktop and as such, it’s a very popular kitchen choice, despite its weight. Color-wise, you’re limited to a natural range that includes white, black, red, and the pinks and grays in between. Most granite worktops are porous and so also need to be sealed annually – our trained staff will be able to advise you.


Available as a natural mineral or more commonly man-made, quartz leads the field when it comes to color variety: red, brown, pink, purple, orange, gold, white, and green are all choices. Quartz countertops contain polymer and resin alongside the mineral, both of which are heat sensitive, so while it’s heat resistant, we wouldn’t recommend putting hot pans directly on it. Its engineered nature makes for a less natural look, but it doesn’t need sealing either, making it a low-maintenance option.


It is testament to marble’s appeal that it is still so popular despite the difficulties in using it. Marble countertops and acidic food and drinks do not mix well, and yet every year we fit more marble kitchens for insistent customers. Treated well, it can be the perfect choice, with good heat resistance and perennial coolness, but it does require regular sealing two or three times a year. Stylistically, it is unrivaled for many, with its classic elegance stemming from the distinctive white coloring – the mainstay of a range that also includes pinks, greens, and blue blacks.


The popularity of this man-made, porcelain-like material continues to rise thanks to its high performance. It’s ultra-compact, meaning there’s no room for liquids to seep into, so there’s no need to seal it. On top of that, Dekton is heat-resistant, tough to scratch or wear, and its color won’t fade over time. The wide range of colors and patterns continues to grow and we’ve no doubt we’ll be installing many more Dekton kitchens in the coming years.


For those wishing to add tiled backsplashes, we’d recommend installing the countertop first before tiling commences. We can offer tiles to a specified height, and for any applications including floor, wall, bathroom and outdoor.